Jewelry Repairs

Sizing & Re-Sizing Rings

Have a favorite ring that doesn’t fit any more? No problem! We will take the time to properly determine your finger size, ensuring a proper comfortable fit. Once size has been determined, your ring will be molded by our master craftsmen so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Replacing & Rebuilding Ring Shanks

Ring wearing thin, to the point of possible loss or breakage?  Let us remove the worn out areas of your ring and replace them with new precious metal sections, restoring its original integrity. Very often we can restore a piece to its original state with a minimal investment.

Precious Stone Setting & Replacement

Wearing jewelry can cause settings to wear, or a stone to come loose and become lost. We can replace the stone and reset it into the mounting for you. If the setting is badly worn, we will recommend the necessary repair and rebuild work needed to restore your jewelry to the best possible condition. With over 30 years of experience, we can replace the stones in any setting: solitaires, three-stone rings, tensions settings, channel settings, bezel settings, or pavé.  

Mounting & Prong Re-tipping

Is your diamond or gemstone loose in its setting? Proper maintenance and prong re-tipping can prevent you from losing your precious diamonds or stones. We will carefully inspect your jewelry mountings and prongs for wear. In most situations, when prongs have worn out, we recommend total replacement of the component in your jewelry known as the head or prong: the stone support system. Isn’t the gemstone in your ring worth the investment to protect it?

Necklace & Bracelet Repair

Refurbish your necklaces, bracelets, and jewelry chains, making them look new again. If you have chains that are broken, bring them in for an evaluation. Chances are they can be easily and inexpensively repaired.  

Clasps and Latches

“Caught” by the fear of repair or replacement of clasps and latches? Well, fear no more! Precious metals are soft. Movable parts wear out faster than the rest of the jewelry, so they are usually the first areas to fatigue. We will evaluated your piece to see if repair or replacement of your clasp, closure, or hinge is needed. Often, a repair or replacement can make the difference between your favorite bracelet sitting in a drawer and beings worn and enjoyed confidently.

Pearl Restringing

Prolong the life of your pearls with restringing and an inspection of clasps.  With time and normal wear, the chords of pearl necklaces and bracelets become brittle and susceptible to breakage. If you start noticing space between your pearls causing them to move more freely than usual, it’s definitely time to see us!

Laser Repair

Through state-of-the art laser technology, Marcia and her staff can do delicate and intricate repairs in areas that a jeweler’s torch might damage. In some cases, the laser provides us with a method of rebuilding or securing precious metals in areas where heat sensitive stones or materials are present. Through the use of lasers, we are able to weld platinum at nearly 3400°F right next to sensitive stones without affecting them.

Cleaning & Polishing

Unsure about the right way to clean your jewelry? Marcia and her staff can clean, polish, and restore your jewelry so it looks like new!

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