Jewelry Refashioning

Basic solitaire engagement ring, customer wore for 20 years wanted upgraded with recent look. used customer diamond and added diamonds around center, diamonds down shank and added engraving on side of shank

Recycle, reuse, reprocess, reclaim, recover, salvage, save.

We understand these terms. They have become part of our everyday lives. Marcia Caden applies these concepts to fine jewelry in the form of jewelry refashioning.

Simply put, at Marcia Caden we take your old, rarely worn jewelry and use it to create a new piece of jewelry. Also eligible for refashioning:

  • out-of-date items
  • unwearable pieces
  • remaining piece in a pair with a lost mate
  • pieces with outdated memories attached to them
  • jewelry in which you want to keep the stone but not the piece

Jewelry fashion changes every season, just like clothing. What’s hot now may not be next season. Luckily, jewelry can be redesigned: gold can be remelted, reformed, and precious stones can be reset. This process results in considerable savings. It also yields a piece created with your input, making it even more special!

Marcia will guide you through the steps needed to reach your desired jewelry outcome.

Here are some more examples of our work:

Blue sapphire and diamond earrings from the 1950's customer inherited from mother, too outdated to wear customer wanted upgrade. used sapphires and diamonds and created more contemporary looking earrings in 14k white gold

Green emerald and diamond pave earrings from the 80's, did not lay comfortably on customers ears, saw picture of previous sapphire earrings and wanted same, done in 18k yellow gold

Sapphire and diamond necklace, looked outdated and heavy, took center stone and diamonds and redesigned pendant to be more airy and wearable and exchanged chain for lighter link

Pair of designer earrings too heavy to wear. converted one to ring by designing ring shank to match contour and added diamond, converted other earring to pendant which was added to customers pearl strand

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