Jewelry Consulting

For generations, people have chosen fine jewelry to symbolize love and the abundance of life. Jewelry is given to mark special occasions: a wedding engagement, the birth of a child, a triumphant graduation, and other milestone events.

But choosing a piece of jewelry can be overwhelming and confusing. Even entering jewelry stores can be intimidating.

No more!

Marcia Caden has over 30 years experience helping people buy a cherished piece of jewelry with ease and joy. She understands how important a fine jewelry purchase can be, and aims to make the process painless.


Purchasing a gift or landmark piece for that someone special? Marcia can offer careful guidance as she builds a picture of your partner in her mind during your consultation.

Your Personal Visit

Whether at your home or in her office, Marcia will work with your schedule, lending her years of experience and jewelry expertise to help you:

  • make decisions about your existing jewelry
  • pick pieces that accent jewelry already owned or pieces that coordinate with an existing wardrobe
  • review your existing wardrobe of jewelry to determine which pieces should be kept as they are and which should be reset, repaired, or even sold, discarded, or liquidated
  • determine if a piece should be redesigned
  • understand the value of pieces of jewelry
  • determine whether a piece’s wearability given your look and style
  • stay within your budget

After meeting with Marcia you will have as much information as you need to understand all possible jewelry options.

Why Marcia?

Born with an innate sense of elegant style and a warm heart, Marcia quickly tunes into a client’s essence. Observing their their particular style, she has an uncanny ability to pick just the right piece of jewelry for the occasion. Marcia’s talent and taste have brought happiness to many—from local moms to celebrities!

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